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What ADMA is
About ADMA 

Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers’ Association was founded in the year 1994 by an handful of dynamic doyens of the Ayurvedic Industry. Over the years this fledgling organization, with a sense of commitment and passion has grown from strength to strength and it has been in the forefront of tackling issues dear to the Ayurvedic & natural products Industry. Today, ADMA is proud to have professional, technocrats, scientists, industrialists and entrepreneurs working together as a team on agenda which will help shape the industry of this great science for its applied benefits.


It can be truly said that ADMA embodies the collective voice and spirit of the Indian Ayurvedic Industry.


ADMA has been working with missionary zeal in furthering the cause of the Indian Ayurvedic & related natural products industry. With a global outlook. The organization has defined for itself a set of core mission objectives.


The mission of ADMA is an ongoing journey and not a destination. Certain key principles guide our actions. These are:


To represent the collective aspirations, interests and needs of the healthcare & medical profession and the Ayurvedic & the allied manufacturers in particular.


To interface on behalf of its members with policy makers, statutory organizations and regulatory bodies with the objective of putting forth view points of the industry.


To act as a resource for its members to draw upon for technical and scientific needs.


To kindle the spirit of global outlook, standards and quality amongst its members.


To always protect and propagate the cause of healthcare needs through the Ayurvedic Industry in all its actions and deeds.


From a largely regional composition at inception, ADMA has grown in stature to an organisation, it has strived to evolve true national character with a vibrant & active managing committee drawn from regional as well as national industrial houses.


Small to mediumsize manufacturers, large industrial houses, individual pactitioners, healthcare providers and academics are all in the fold of ADMA working towards a common goal and mission.


This broad basing has happened with the changing outlook of ADMA from a local one to truly national and indeed global aspirations. The undefying philosophy has been to forge complementary thought processes and ideologies for the betterment of all stakeholders.


ADMA is registered body under Society’s Registration Act of Maharashtra 1860 and under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950

‘Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturer’s Association’ (ADMA) has been the apex body of Ayurvedic Industry in India. Our Membership comprises large, medium and small companies from all over India in the category of Patron Member, Life Member and Ordinary Member who cumulatively contribute over 80% of the Ayurvedic commerce in India. ADMA has been at the forefront in voicing and representing the problems of the Ayurvedic & Allied Industries for the past decade. ADMA has successfully carried forward the message and today enjoys the goodwill of the Policymakers as well as the Ayurvedic Industry Colleagues as the lead voice. ADMA has been successfully meeting the challenges ,defining the scope ,communicating the objectives and contributing to formulation of policy in matters concerning departments of Environment & forests, Backward Integration, Export & Globalisation ,etc. Representatives from ADMA sit on key Committees which contribute to policy formulation and guidelines at Central and State Government level. As such, ADMA plays a key role in defining tomorrow for the Ayurvedic sector.


ADMA has been playing a leading role in conducting various seminars /Workshops/ Symposium for the awareness of the Industry on important policy matters.


The track record of ADMA has been of achievements directed at fulfilling the stated mission. ADMA has collaborated with policy makers like Ministry of Health & other related Ministerial Departments, Scientific Institutes like CCRAS & CSIR as well as Industry bodies like CII and IDMA in deliberations and organising events for the benefit of its members. Some of these are:

  1. Deliberations of the National Medicinal Plants Board
  2. Co ordination of Activities for Export Promotion
  3. Meetings and Seminars with CII on the issues about backward area development
  4. Presentation to the House of Lords Committee & Interaction with the Medicine Control Agency, UK
  5. Participations at WHA meets in Geneva

ADMA successfully coordinated two important studies commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce and monitored by the Department of AYUSH, namely H.S. Code classification for Ayurvedic Products & Mapping of the US Herbal Products Market.


ADMA got its recognition as a National Platform from the Ayurveda Industry as well as Department of AYUSH. Today ADMA enjoys the status of an apex National body.


ADMA believes in working together , exchanging ideas as well as impacting policy for mutual gain in the interest of the Ayurvedic sector as a whole. ADMA invites more & more members to come forward and support ADMA for facilitating the growth and development of the Ayurvedic Industry.


ADMA Positive Contribution Events organised by ADMA 
  1. 1st National Symposium with the theme "Challenges of Today & Tomorrow" in August 1998 at New Delhi.
  2. 2nd National Symposium with the theme "Problems, Potentials & Possibilities" in February 2003 at New Delhi.
  3. ADMA-Maharashtra Medicinal Plants Board Symposium with the theme "Exploring the Medicinal Plant Potential of Maharashtra" in March 2004 at Mumbai.
  4. ADMA-CCRAS Symposium with the theme "Research and Industry Partnership Priorities & Modalities" in September 2004 in New Delhi.
  5. 3rd National Symposium with the theme "Agenda 2010 – Steps Ahead" in September 2005 at New Delhi.

Meetings & Seminars 

  1. Good Manufacturing Practice (Schedule T)
  2. Bio-Diversity Bill
  3. ADMA-IDMA Joint Seminar: Ayurved - Only India can offer
  4. Endangered species ( Schedule J) & Forest Laws
  5. Drug & Magic Remedies Act
  6. Fiscal incentives for the Industry
  7. Suggestions to AUSDTAB sub- Committee
  8. Intellectuall Conclave on Ayurved
  9. National Debate on Supreme Court judgment on Medical Pluralism conducted by IASTAM.
  10. Seminar on Heavy metal contamination.
  11. Workshop on Labelling, Shelf-Life, Heavy Metals.
  12. Consultations on XIth Plan for AYUSH Sector.
Recent ADMA Submissions
  1. Comments & Recommendations on Draft Shelf-life Notification 
  2. Recommendations with respect to implementation of Rule 161 
  3. Recommendations to XIth Plan 2007-12 for AYUSH Sector Research & Industry Issues
  4. Recommendations to XIth Plan 2007-12 for development of National Medicinal Plants Board 
  5. Drafting of document for Technology Upgradation & Modernisation Fund for AYUSH Industry.
  6. Submissions on Key Requirements of the AYUSH Industry to Ministry of Commerce.
  7. Differential Subsidy Regime for cultivation of Medicinal Plants.
  8. Recommendations for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) & Good Collection
  9. Practices (GCP) to NMPB.
List of Publications  
  2. Workshop CDs
  3. Report on US Market Survey
  4. HS Codes An Ayurvedic Industry Perspective
  5. 1st Symposium Proceedings

ADMA Managing Committee 2013-15



President                                           Dr. P.M Varier

Immediate Past President                     Subharthee Dey 

Vice-President       (East)                    Debarshi Dutta Gupta

Vice-President       (West)                   Ranjit Puranik              
Vice-President       (North)                  Dr. Rajesh Thapar

Vice-President       (South)                  Dr. Anil Kumar

Hon. Gen. Secretary                           Chandrakant Bhanushali

Joint Secretary                                  Nimish Shroff

Hon. Treasurer                                   Shashank Sandu       

Regional Secretary (North)                   Jasmeet Singh

Regional Secretary (West)                    Hardik Ukani

Regional Secretary (South)                   Dr. Saji Kumar

Member-Managing Committee                Prabodh V. Shah                                                  

Member-Managing Committee                Aniruddha Milind Raj Pathak

Member-Managing Committee                Dr. J.P. Singh

Member-Managing Committee                Dr. Jasmeet Singh            

Member-Managing Committee                Pushkar Sharad Pathak

Member-Managing Committee                Jaideep Nagrath

Member-Managing Committee                Sanjeev Passi 

Member-Managing Committee                Chanpreet Singh Chawla

Member-Managing Committee                Dr. Amit Agarwal

Member-Managing Committee                Vd. Punarvasu Agnihotri

Member-Managing Committee                Vd. Uday Deshpande

Member-Managing Committee                Dr. C.K. Katiyar

Member-Managing Committee                Sunil Balchandra Tambe

Member-Managing Committee                Shriram Gandhi      

Member-Managing Committee                Ashwani Kumar Gupta    

Member-Managing Committee                Rajendra Dobriyal         



Patron Members 

Charak Pharma (P)  Ltd.


Dabur India Ltd.

Emami Ltd.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Hindustan Lever Ltd.

Kerala Ayurveda Ltd.,

Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Sandu Brothers (P)  Ltd.

Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan  Pvt.Ltd.

Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd.

Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.

Life Members 

Ayurchem Products 

Arya Vaidya Sala  

Ayuveda Rasashala 

Ban Labs Ltd.   

Hi-Tech Bio Laboratories                             

Konark Herbals & Healthcare

Mehta Unani Pharmacy & Co.

Uma Ayurved Bhawan (P) Ltd.                                                         

Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Vicco Laboratories

Shree Dhanwantri Herbals

Dey's Medical Stores (Mfg) Ltd

Kashmmir Herbal Remedies

Olive Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.


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